How to Transfer Phonepe Cashback to Bank Account ?

Sometimes Phonepe Cashback is not usable for us, and we want to transfer this cashback to a bank account, but we can not transfer the Phonapay cashback to a bank account because the phone pay allows us to transfer the phone pay cashback to a bank account. Do not allow, but if you want to make your transfer Phoneme Cashback to bank account here in this article I will tell you a simple trick The truth tricks you will Phonepe cash transfer in your bank account. So, if you want to do this, keep reading this article because here I am going to tell you the trick you have not seen anywhere on the internet.
First of all, let’s know why you need to transfer Phoneme Cashback to your bank account.

Why do you need to transfer your phone to a cashback bank account?

Friends Phonepe gives you cash back when you use it for recharge, bill payment, money transfer and more, but you can use this cashback only in phone recharge, bill payment etc. and you can make your cashback You cannot transfer to your bank account, but sometimes when you are out of cash and do not want to pay or pay the bill, at that time you think that if any There I could move into the bank account of the Fonte cashback and use the cash I could as daily other uses where we can not use Fonpe or other online business. At that time, you want to transfer your Phonepe Cashback to your bank account and you think I can transfer this cash back into the bank account. So, for that point, you will need this simple trick, which I am going to tell you in this article, and with this trick, you will be able to transfer your PhonePay Cashback to 3% GST in your respective bank account. Yes, guys, you have to pay 3% tax as GST to transfer your Phonepe Cashback to your bank account.
So, now let’s learn how to transfer PhonePay cashback from a simple trick to a bank account.

How to Transfer Phonepay Cashback to a Bank Account with Simple Trick?

Friends, you have to follow a few simple steps to transfer your Phonophone cashback to your bank account.
Let’s start with the first phase.

step 1 -:
Friends, first of all, open your phone app and go to My Money section and scroll down and you will see the Gold option there. Open Gold Section and buy Gold with your Phonepay Cashback, which is in your phone’s wallet.

step 2 -:
Now when you have bought 3% GST with your PhonePay Cashback, you can sell this Gold and the money will be transferred to your respective bank account immediately.

This is how you can transfer phone pay cashback to your bank account and you can use this money, where you can not use a phone or other wallet.

Conclusions: –
In this article I have shared “How to Transfer Phonepe Cashback to Bank Account”, I hope you liked this article and do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section and share it with all your friends and others.

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