How to Boost your Seo Ranking by Social Media ?

Seo is very important to reach the top or top positions in any primary search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
In today’s time, the competition is too big to reach the top 10 search engine results pages. Everyone works hard to reach the top position of search engine results pages. Your SEO is very accurate and you have to create a lot of backlinks to ensure that you will be at the top of the search results page. But what happens if someone else who does not have quality links like you and still manages to rank around the top spot, then you were eager to know how did that person do that? What if I tell you that this is happening because of their social media connectivity? Yes, at present, social media people influence search engine pages very much. It is very important for you to be connected to social media to get high ranking in search engine results pages.
So, I’m going to tell you how “you can increase your SEO ranking through social media“.

How to Boost your Seo Ranking by Social Media ?
How to Boost your Seo Ranking by Social Media?

So, hi guys my name is Lokesh yourcareers and today we are talking about promoting SEO ranking by social media. Friends, social media in search engine results pages greatly affects. The more you are popular on social media the more you’ll get ranking in search engine pages.
Now you are wondering how can social media affect your search engine results pages or your SEO rankings? So, let’s talk about this topic first.

How does social media affect SEO ranking?
Friends, I know that Google has said many times that search engines do not consider social media to rank any website in results pages.
They rank high only to those who have quality content and quality backlinks. Any website that has done proper SEO of its website and its website has quality content and quality backlinks, then the website will automatically get the top of the search engine results pages. Yes, everyone thinks this and no one focuses on social media.

But friends, I want to tell you that when you get a lot of traffic from social media platforms, Google thinks that there is something in your website that is interesting to those who visit your website. Therefore, at that time they rank your website higher than any other website, which is not getting traffic from social media platforms.
It happens and social media affects the search engine page ranking of your website.

Therefore, Google does not always consider ranking in accordance with social media, but if you get more traffic from social media, your website automatically ranks highly in search engine results pages.

But as I said, what if I tell you that you can increase your SEO ranking with your social media connectivity? Now, I told you how social media affects your SEO ranking and now we are going to talk about some points that how you can promote your SEO ranking with the help of social media and when you use social media What happens to you with you?
Therefore, let’s start wasting no time anymore.

Boost Your SEO Rankings by Social Media

Friends, here are the main points I am sharing that are related to promoting your SEO ranking through social media and when you share your content on social media, what happens to you.
So, let’s start with the first one.

1. Promote your content: –
It does not matter to the people how good a writer you are or how good authors have hired to write articles. All are unusable unless you have traffic or I say that unless you have anybody to read that beautiful content.
Here social media helps you a lot, you can promote your content to all those people who are interested in that category. With this, all those interested in that topic will come and your traffic will be created. I know that investment is needed but the money you are investing will be recovered from your earnings because your earnings are going to increase. This is why social media connectivity is important to you. The more traffic you get in the SERP, the more rankings you will get.
Now visit our second point.

2. You will get more engagement for your website: –
Friends, when you share links to your website in social media groups, more people will know about it and you will get more traffic for your website. If you had inserted some Adsense code on your website, then you will get more affiliation on your website. Therefore, you will be able to make more money from this.
This is why it is important for you to share your website link on social media, now go to our next point.

3. Become a Top Brand: –
Friends, if you are running a shopping website like a woocommerce website or Amazon, Flipkart, when you promote your items on social media, many people are there who need those items when they come to your website And they buy products from your website and you will earn money from it. Also, gradually you become a good brand if you are selling good products. Because everyone knows how many people are using social media platforms. It enhances your SEO ranking but it also makes you a big brand.
Now visit our last point.

4. Social media is also a search engine.
Guys, maybe you know about it or not. But there is also a search bar on every social media platform. Just imagine that you have a restaurant or shop, your customers had posted the location of your shop or restaurant, then imagine some other friend seeing something around that place, if they see that His friend went to your restaurant, then they too will come. You rest. This is just one example, you can take it as a website example too.

This way you can increase your SERP ranking and get more traffic to your website.
So, today’s people hope you liked this article. If you do, do not forget to share it with your friends and I will come back with the next one.
Thanks, peace !!!

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